Dr. Sekerka enjoys teaching a variety of audiences in both educational and organizational environments. With a background in communication theory and organizational behavior, she targets and meets the needs of diverse learning communities, including individuals with special needs, unusual circumstances, and/or unique ethical challenges. Her business experience is broad, helping her to address micro, meso, and macro ethical concerns at the undergraduate, graduate, and executive levels.


As a Positive Organizational Scholar, Dr. Sekerka examines what contributes to the best of human functioning in the workplace. She focuses on how personal and collective strengths enable individuals and communities to thrive. Her research illustrates how organizations can benefit from positive approaches to instill change and development, demonstrating how ethical strength can be cultivated from difficulties, fostering resiliency and generating enhanced moral competency.


Dr. Sekerka conducts presentations and workshops for business professionals and executives with a focus on organizational ethics and adult moral development. She builds ethical strength by encouraging participants to go beyond the demands of compliance, sparking the will and desire to exercise ethical values in everyday task actions.


The research and educational programs provided by the Center are designed to explore and cultivate character strengths and virtues, fostering ongoing adult moral development. Dr. Sekerka works directly with students to leverage their personal interests in the areas of family business, cross-cultural issues, environmental sustainability, organizational ethics, and entrepreneurial ethics.